The Name

The name of 40 41 derives from the distillation columns with code numbers 40 and 41. These two columns of the distillery of B.G. Spiliopoulos are the two final in a row of six that are used during the production process and have been designed exclusively for the production of VODKA 40 41. The unique design of the columns and their positioning in the distillery, combined with the experience of four generations in the production of alcohol, were conducive to the creation of a high quality pure Greek distillate with an extremely smooth taste – VODKA 40 41.

The name of 40 41 indicates quality, an excellent process and a remarkable taste.

Try it!

40 41 fact:
After endless meetings and votes for potential names, we got inspired by watching the magical view from the slope of the mountain Panachaikos, on a bike.

The Taste

The journey of the senses begins with the aromas of VODKA 40 41; the fragrance of honey along with vanilla and jasmine undertones, gives away the pure and refreshing aromas of 40 41 thus raising the expectations for its taste. Either chilled or in room temperature, VODKA 40 41 is incredibly smooth, delicate and silky, leaving a sweet aftertaste that pleasantly surprises.

40 41 fact:
At blind tastings, VODKA 40 41 is preferred by the most demanding consumers and Sommeliers, both Greek and International, and among the most expensive and acknowledged vodkas is steadily the first choice.




The Attributes

We created 40 41 based on three basic pillars; Sincerity, Quality and Passion. What counts for us is the overall experience our customers get, from both the VODKA 40 41 and the company behind the product.


The basic characteristics for a successful relationship are trust and integrity. These are the kinds of relationships we develop and invest in, both with our consumers and our partners.


We offer an excellent and pure Greek product. This, in combination with the constant attention to detail as well as the extensive experience and expertise, creates a truly unique outcome; VODKA 40 41.


It surely takes persistence and courage, but passion is what leads to success.



The Origin

VODKA 40 41 is the result of 119 years of experience and expertise in alcohol production and distillation by the oldest and only Greek distillery, B.G. Spiliopoulos.

40 41 fact:
B.G. Spiliopoulos was founded in 1895 which makes one of the fist rectification distilleries to have been set up in Europe.


Ever since its establishment in 1895 in Patras, B.G. Spiliopoulos has evolved from a small local family business to a modern company that constantly invests in new technologies and innovation. Consistency and integrity are the main company drivers that ensure the reliance and preference of our customers and partners both in Greece and internationally throughout all these years.





B.G. Spiliopoulos S.A.